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2nd QTC Workshop

10 November 2021 @ 9:00 AM 3:00 PM IST

QTC is a MAGNET program under the sponsorship of the Israel Innovation Authority and is completing its second year of activity.

The conference agenda will include enriching lectures on the next generation
Quantum Sensors:
Compact Hot Atomic Clocks, Cold Atomic Clocks, Optical Clocks,
Time Dissemination, Magnetometers and Gravimeters.



9:00-9:30: Greeting and opening remarks.

9:30: Evolution of Time & Frequency Transfer via Satellites. Dr. Edoardo Detoma, Timing Expert, Torino, Italy.

10:00: Quantum Computing. Yehuda Naveh, CTO, Classiq.

10:30: CPT Clocks Technology Developments. Dr. Yoel Sabag, AccuBeat.

10:50: Pound Derver Hall Technique for Atomic Clocks. Prof. Avi Peer, Bar Ilan University.

11:10: VCSLES for Quantum Sensors. Prof. Gadi Eizenstein, Technion.

11:30: Break.

12:00: All- Optical Quantum Magnetic Sensor. Dr. Igor Shcherback, Elta.

12:20: Bell Bloom Magnetometry Modeling. Dr. Menachem Givon, BGU.

12:40: Unshielded Pulsed Atomic Magnetometer. Dr. Andrei Ben Amar Baranga, BGU.

13:00: Lunch Break.

14:00: Cold Atom Clocks Technology Developments. Dr. Amir Waxman, AccuBeat.

14:20: Gravimeters Technology Developments. Tsabary Amit, REFAEL.

14:40: Towards a Fiber Based Extended Israeli Time Scale. Dr. Liron Stern, The Hebrew University.

15:00: Phase Noise Effect on the Accuracy of Wireless Time Dissemination using White Rabbit Protocol. Prof. Yossi Pinchasi, Ariel University.

Closing Remarks.


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