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IBM Quantum network

27 May 2021 @ 6:00 PM 8:00 PM IDT

Startup demo days give you an opportunity to deep dive into tools and products, and see how they leverage IBM hardware and Qiskit to develop research and business solutions.

Session 2: May 27

Cambridge Quantum Computing: Eumen is a state-of-the-art computer package and development framework for the execution of quantum chemistry and quantum materials science simulations on quantum computers. It has a well-optimized set of functions to construct electronic structure Hamiltonians, a wide variety of wavefunction ansatz and an arsenal of quantum algorithms for the elucidation of energies and related properties, with a particular emphasis on quantum embedding methods for handling large systems. EUMEN is intimately integrated with pytket, and in this way it exploits efficiently t|ket>’s circuit optimization and routing algorithms to greatly reduce computational requirements for electronic structure simulations.

t|ket> is a device agnostic quantum software development platform powered by a high performance, NISQ optimised compiler. It is available for free and unrestricted use as the python package pytket, which, in conjunction with a suite of open-source extension packages, allows input from several formats and targeting of a wide array of devices and simulators.

Agnostiq: Agnostiq puts quantum computing into the hands of everyday data scientists, business analysts, and quantitative researchers with our powerful and intuitive platform. Clients can leverage the Agnostiq Platform to explore practical business applications built by our teams of quantum researchers, or build their own with fine-grained control using our extensive algorithmic libraries.  Agnostiq’s hardware and software agnostic framework provides built in support for quantum devices and services including IBM Quantum and Qiskit.

The Agnostiq platform is a tool for applying quantum computing solutions to concrete finance problems. It can be used at a high level of abstraction to harness or evaluate advances in quantum technology without expertise in this rapidly evolving field. More technical users and researchers can go deeper with fine grain control over algorithmic details. This demo highlights Agnostiq’s toolkit for portfolio optimization, one of the most promising areas of application for quantum computation in finance. In the demo, we will showcase how users can leverage the Agnostiq toolkit to optimize a portfolio of stocks using a broad range of quantum hybrid techniques, both proprietary and open source, and easily benchmark them against the best available classical methods. The specific techniques exhibited in this presentation include variants of the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm (QAOA) and a selection of optimization subroutine techniques.

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