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IBM – Startup demo days

24 June 2021 @ 6:00 PM 8:00 PM IDT

Startup demo days give you an opportunity to deep dive into tools and products, and see how they leverage IBM hardware and Qiskit to develop research and business solutions.

Session 3: June 24

Zapata Computing: Zapata is building software tools for the future of quantum computing and the classical workloads that accompany it. Tim Hirzel, and Yudong Cao will demonstrate Zapata’s quantum workflow platform, Orquestra. Beginning with a small QAOA python script that leverages IBM qiskit, they will show how Orquestra can scale-up the work and manage results.

Super.Tech Labs: Super.tech develops full-stack software that bridges the gap from quantum hardware to practical applications. Pranav Gokhale and Victory Omole will demonstrate Super.tech’s platform, SuperstaQ, which performs cross-layer optimizations to unlock performance gains on useful applications. They will show how SuperstaQ’s pulse-level optimizations lead to 50% efficiency gains on real hardware.

Startup demo days – Crowdcast