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Special Quantum Optics Physics Seminar

Special Quantum Optics Physics Seminar

5 October 2021 @ 12:00 PM 1:30 PM IDT

Entangled photon pairs are a major resource for quantum technologies.  Non-degenerate pairs that  are  comprised  of  two  correlated  spectral  modes,  enable  independent  manipulation  and  detection  of  each  mode  separately,  forming  a  critical  freedom  that  does  not  exist  for  degenerate entanglement.  I will present the analysis of asymmetric detection, stimulation and loss on the quantum interference of entangled pairs.  We show that the  asymmetry in loss  affects  the  phase  sensitivity  of  the  interferometer,  where  coherent seeding  is  shown  to  mitigate  losses . Our findings can improve the performance of quantum applications that rely on entangled pairs,  such as sub shot-noise quantum interferometry, nonlinear microscopy and imaging.