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15 July 2021 @ 5:00 PM 6:30 PM IDT

In scientific experiments, quantum computers have proven that they can outperform classical computers in complex task. Now comes the real challenge: using the potential of quantum computing for actual applications. How can the quantum advantage be harnessed in the automotive industry, the financial sector or the chemical industry – within this decade? How will start-ups and science manage to combine quantum computing and supercomputing to help solve global challenges within this decade? That’ s exactly what we want to find out with experts from industry, startups and science.

Benno Broer is the CEO of Qu&Co, one of Europe’s leading quantum software startups focused on applications in chemistry, materials-science and fluid dynamics. He is a quantum-physicist who graduated from Delft University in the Netherlands on quantum-dot research. Benno is also a serial entrepreneur, experienced boardroom consultant and as CEO dedicated to translating emerging quantum-technologies into high-value industry-relevant solutions. Next to his role at Qu&Co, he is also the vice-president of the board of the European quantum technologies industry association (QuIC).

Inés de Vega is a quantum physicist and the Head of Quantum Innovation department in IQM, a quantum computing company building superconductor-based quantum computers. Her strong experience in describing noise and decoherence in quantum systems is based on her research at the University of La Laguna (Spain), Max Planck of Quantum Optics (Germany), University of Ulm (Germany), and Ludwig Maximilian University, where she is also a guest researcher in the department of Theoretical Nanophysics. Inés and her team at IQM are pushing forward the development of application specific processors to bring forward quantum advantage.

Stefan Filipp has been appointed Professor in Technical Physics at the TU Munich and Director of the Walther-Meissner-Institute of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities in 2020. Before he has led the superconducting qubit team at the IBM Research – Zurich Laboratory to develop architectures for quantum computing based on superconducting circuits. He has joined IBM in 2014 as permanent research staff member of the experimental quantum computing team at IBM T.J. Watson Research lab in Yorktown Heights, NY, US. His degree in physics he has received from the Vienna University of Technology, Austria, and the Uppsala University, Sweden for his studies on quantum geometric phases effects, for which he was awarded the Victor-Hess Award. He then worked as Postdoc and later Senior Researcher on quantum computing, quantum simulation and quantum optics with superconducting circuits at the ETH Zurich. He has been co-chair of the ‘Quantencomputing’ expert panel of the Bundeskanzleramt, Germany in 2020 and is currently leading the GeQCoS project on building a German quantum computer based on superconducting qubits.

Andre Luckow is head of emerging technologies at the BMW Group IT in Munich. Andre held several positions at the BMW Group in Germany and the US. His work lies at the intersection of research, technologies and automotive applications. He focuses particularly on Quantum Computing and its applications on products and processes in the automotive industry.

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