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Quantum Science Seminar #49: Quantum Computing – Scott Aaronson

Quantum Computational Supremacy In Fall 2019, a team at Google made the first-ever claim of "quantum computational supremacy"---that is, a clear quantum speedup over a classical computer for some task---using a 53-qubit programmable superconducting chip called Sycamore. In Fall 2020, a group at USTC in China made a claim of quantum supremacy, using "BosonSampling" (aContinue reading "Quantum Science Seminar #49: Quantum Computing – Scott Aaronson"

European Conference on Trapped Ions

Online Event! quantum Speakers: Chi-Wen ChouChristian MarciniakChristian OspelkausChristian RoosCyrill SolaroDaniel RodriguezDavid LeibrandtGeorg BruunGiovanna MorigiHartmut HäffnerHenning SchmidtJohn BollingerJun YeKaran MehtaKihwan KimKjeld EikemaKlemens HammererKrzysztof JachymskiLukas SlodickaMartin RingbauerNils HuntemannOldrich NovotnyRaghu SrinivasRianne LousRoee OzeriSteen Brøndsted NielsenStefan WillitschStephan SchlemmerSteven KingTobias SchätzTracy NorthupViktor Krutianskii *More speakers yet to join the conference. quantum Register for the conference through the website!

Quantum Open Day at the Technion 12.04.2022

electriacl and computer engineering Technion, Haifa

.מרכז הקוואנטום ע"ש הלן דילר בטכניון מזמין אתכם/ן, סטודנטיות/ים לתואר ראשון ושני, לשמוע על אפשרויות לתואר מתקדם ולפרויקטים בעולם הקוואנטי הרב-תחומי, העשיר והמרתק בתוכנית: הצגת פרוייקטים על ידי חברי סגל מפקולטות שונות ולאחריהן הצגת פוסטרים עם פיצות ובירה 


Quantum Science Seminar #66 – Andreas Wallraff

Quantum Error Correction with Superconducting Circuits Abstract: Quantum computers hold the promise of solving computational problems which are intractable using conventional methods. For fault-tolerant operation quantum computers must correct errors occurring due to unavoidable decoherence and limited control accuracy. We demonstrate quantum error correction using the surface code, which is known for its exceptionally highContinue reading "Quantum Science Seminar #66 – Andreas Wallraff"