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Quantum Winter School: Challenges and advances in quantum computing

Quantum computing is the new game in town. New and better quantum computers are emerging almost daily, industry is pitching in and startup companies are mushrooming. Faculties of science and engineering witness a growing interest and rapid progress in the field involving both theory and experiment. Come and join us at the upcoming exciting schoolContinue reading "Quantum Winter School: Challenges and advances in quantum computing"

Quantum Science Seminar #66 – Andreas Wallraff

Quantum Error Correction with Superconducting Circuits Abstract: Quantum computers hold the promise of solving computational problems which are intractable using conventional methods. For fault-tolerant operation quantum computers must correct errors occurring due to unavoidable decoherence and limited control accuracy. We demonstrate quantum error correction using the surface code, which is known for its exceptionally highContinue reading "Quantum Science Seminar #66 – Andreas Wallraff"